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tlc how to draw a bullet train

Learn how to draw Transportation using our FREE online drawing tutorials. All our tutorials include simple to follow step-by-step instructions so that even a novice can learn how to draw in a snap. All our tutorials include simple to follow step-by-step instructions so that even a novice can learn how to draw … ... More

how to cook whole whiting

How to Cook the Best Tempura Whiting Fish Recipes Thursday, it is quite simply the most delicious way of cooking fish. It also helps that Whiting is the best eating fish (in our books anyway) in the sea. Combine this fine white fish with a crunchy, crispy, light Tempura batter and you have a dinner made in heaven. Hubby has this down to a fine art and has set up an outdoor kitchen for this ... More

how to change adobe country

I could solve this by printing the .pdf (File/Print then choose Adobe PDF as the printer and keep normal settings ). If printing doesn't work, you can export as a Word Document (in File>Save As), and then open this file in MS Word and select Save as and set the format to .pdf. ... More

how to create a reading corner

Reading is a great way of improving knowledge. We will have to inculcate the best habits at the very young age to develop good inspiration in the right direction. Reading gives good information over a world of topics. It is very important they raise a perfect of looking at all the different aspects of life. ... More

how to draw a realistic girl face step by step

How To Draw A Realistic Girl Step By Step How To Draw Real Faces, Draw Faces, Stepstep, Faces, People How To Draw A Realistic Girl Step By Step How To Draw A Realistic … ... More

how to download bank statement from hdfc netbanking

HDFC Mobile Banking application provides a Quick and Safe access to the HDFC Banks net banking feature on mobile. You can do all your net banking transactions from this application in ... More

how to change currency in shopify

Hello, One important customization you must do for your international customers is to add currency converter options on the check out page. For that, you can use multi country pricing and it will convert final price, taxes and shipping rates in customer’s local currency. ... More

how to connect 3 points in illustrator

Connect between two curves at right angles with precision and speed. Or draw line tangents to or from curves. Anything to do with perpendiculars or tangents and these tools will do it for you. Or draw line tangents to or from curves. ... More

how to connect to mic mobile legends

We recommend connecting your game via Facebook as this will save all the data on your profile, which will help transfer your game across if you buy a new device or in the worst case scenario, you lose it. ... More

how to download popcorn time

Movies are a great way to pass time or entertain oneself and Popcorn Time provides a great platform to enjoy the latest movies on iOS 11 and 10. ... More

how to cook frozen lamb chops in the oven

The lamb is seared and then braised in the oven with aromatic vegetables. Cooked root vegetables are added to the lamb shortly before it's done cooking. Cooked root vegetables are added to the lamb shortly before it's done cooking. ... More

how to delete ipod backup

6/02/2011 · First of all, i have a P.C. computer. Okay, so i synced my ipod to itunes to add a new song i bought, and when i synced it, it said " iTunes could not back up the ipod "(my name)'s iPod because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPod. ... More

how to download html5 video chrome

14/03/2017 · html, html5, google-chrome, html5-video asked by Muhammad Zeeshan on 07:38AM - 13 Dec 16 There is a way to control these elements - such as media player controls - with what is called the “ Shadow DOM ” - which does not work in this case. ... More

how to become a gay top

In order to become your best at anything, you have to train yourself to perform in rugged and hostile environments. According to Dr. Gervais, “The rugged and hostile environment is relative. It ... More

how to build a beach in minecraft

I don't think you would have everything you wanted in a Minecraft Beach City. Some of those block types are really limited. You wouldn't have anything for those building interiors concerning technology. ... More

how to add an image to listing facet wp

Read on to find out how to go from this: To this: The code As mentioned earlier, we can use the new image_size_names_choose filter to access the array which contains the default image sizes, and add the additional image sizes to it. ... More

how to delete my google plus

How to delete your Google Plus Profile ? Recently, Google announced about a security glitch within Google plus that exposed the personal data of around 5,00,000 Google Plus users. ... More

how to clean desktop monitor

Soft cloth, anti-static cloth, water, specialized screen cleaner . Technique: 1. Conventional wisdom is that you should only clean a computer monitor screen with a damp cloth, as many computer screens have an anti-glare coating that you risk damaging if you use a harsh household cleaner. ... More

how to become a lineman in ohio

The Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certificate Program at Capital … Ohio is an 18 credit hour educational program that consists of a combination of law school … include Negotiation, Basic Mediation, Becoming a More Effective Mediator, … ... More

shure slx wireless how to change frequency

5 Things To Know About QLX-D Digital Wireless Written by Allison Wolcott on September 10, 2014 under News. The Shure wireless catalog is growing, which … ... More

how to bring a sim back to life sims 3

When the sims is dying, you must click on the grim reaper and select 'plead for sim'. Your relationship with the dying sim must be high. ... More

how to uninstall ask toolbar on mac

Disclaimer The text above is not a piece of advice to uninstall Ask Toolbar by from your PC, we are not saying that Ask Toolbar by is not a good application. ... More

how to change from daggerfall to aldmeri pact

Daggerfall Covenant - Wayrest city in Stormhaven Ebonheart Pact – Mournhold city in Deshaan The general quest line will guide you to these zones when you are around level 15-17. ... More

how to become an event planner australia

The prospects of becoming a wedding planner has never been more bright. In the United States alone their have been 2.5 million weddings in the past year alone, 110.000 in Australia and 306.000 in the United Kingdom. In many cases a wedding planner also known as a bridal consultant, wedding consultant, or wedding coordinator was hired to manage and plan for the special day. Couples are ... More

how to draw a watermelon step by step

Step 2: Peel Away the Green Part of the Watermelon Rind Wash the watermelon, make sure it is clean. In order to make a flat bottom we need to cut off one side of the watermelon … ... More

how to create a nameless folder

28/12/2018 · I've created a (currently very limited) demo here. Please feel free to have a browse around. There's no signing in or registering currently as I have a few things to iron out first. ... More

how to add a remote to a centurion d5

Adding a CENTURION Remote To Your D-Series Gate Motor I tried to learn a new remote into my centurion D5-Evo after delete the remotes. When it gets to select button it doesn't respond to show button has been entered. It onay gives an option of exit on panel. Please help, thank you in advance. Thank you. Reply Delete. Replies. Centurion Systems 4 November 2015 at 21:28. Hi there. Are the ... More

how to create a msgbox in vba

8/05/2009 · Re: Is it possible to create custom msgbox choices You can make any of these methods work with a little extra code. Using the InputBox method I suggested, you can put in some validation code that makes sure that they choose one of the options or it will not allow them to go on, i.e. ... More

how to add vat to selling price

6/10/2017 Become a Registered Member (free) to remove the ads that appear in thread area. Click here to reset your password. You MUST have a valid e-mail address so that you may receive the instructions to complete the reset. ... More

how to clear your land of trees

I've had to clear lots of land & have found that the very best way is to hire someone to come in with bulldozers, etc. & just get it done. Using your own tractor is death to the mower & tires plus then the stuff just grows back as you have those horrible spikes sticking up (tire killers). I also am now afraid to do to much in the woods due to some mega-sized jellow jacket nests & also killer ... More

how to add instagram badge to gmail signature

12/02/2017 · How to add a linkedin signature button to your email in. If you have an existing signature select it from the list, if not select new (if new then add in the text you’d like in your signature block apart from the LinkedIn element). 6. Then select where in your signature you’d like the button to appear, then click the graphic insert button highlighted in the image below in red circle. ... More

how to draw a nut autocad

Someone out there must know of where I can get correctly drawn blocks of metric UK nuts & bolts. They don't take too long to draw - get draughting. ... More

how to create ring tone in iphone x

To set up a newly edited ringtone on the iPhone X/iPhone 10 Go to the Settings app; Tap on Sounds; Select the Ringtone entry; Browse until you find your newly edited ringtone in that list; ... More

how to create visual content

Would it sound awfully cliché if I were to start off this post by saying content is king? I know … you’ve likely heard it about a million times. ... More

how to eat nopal cactus fruit

Nopal cactus nectar is high in soluble fiber, which the American Heart Association has shown to help control or reduce cholesterol levels. Cactus juice has shown … ... More

how to download windows xp sp3 64 bit

Before you download this redistributable, you must determine whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows. Automatic version detection result You are currently using a 32-bit … ... More

how to cook the best nachos

Nachos are a common Mexican food that is made from crispy pieces of tortillas topped with cheese. You can also add additional toppings that can make the dish more interesting or complex. ... More

how to become a member of the vfw

The American Legion's organizational goals are promoted using the words of talented writers, professional journalists, and world leaders. Member Discounts Your membership gives you and your family practical, money-saving discounts that can easily save you many times the cost of your annual membership dues. ... More

how to add video background in powerpoint 2013

8/06/2018 · Click on the Office Button>Click on PowerPoint options> Select Show developer tab checkbox and click ok. In the presentation after inserting the video >Click on the Developer tab>from the controls chose the desired control that needs to be inserted. ... More

how to avoid the 3 year itch

With these in mind, how long does jock itch last or take to go away? How long it takes will be determined by the above factors. This could be anywhere between two weeks to a number of years. To ensure it goes away fast, one should learn to avoid recurrence and practice personal care. ... More

how to call telstra from overseas

Telstra Overseas Calls - Order phone card online right now, we are offering wide range of low rates and great quality calling cards and phone cards. ... More

how to change chess to 2 players

The only place where you get to watch the top players in the world, learn at your own pace, and strive to become better is the Chess Club. And trust me, after 10 years here, it is worth every penny. And trust me, after 10 years here, it is worth every penny. ... More

how to cook chicken in slow cooker to shred

How to Make tons of chicken breast in the slow cooker or crockpot, and my secret for shredding it quickly! Use a stand mixer to shred the chicken. ... More

how to close an smsf

SMSF borrowing (alter terms of related party loan) Unwinding an SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangement. By Daniel Butler on 13/08/2014 in Announcements, Limited recourse borrowing arrangements, SMSF compliance, SMSF strategy 0. Introduction. As certain SMSF limited recourse borrowing arrangements reach completion, many are unsure how the arrangement should finish. ... More

how to remove choose operating system in windows 10

Before getting to use a computer with Windows 10 operating system installed, you are required to select the default language for your PC. But if you prefer to use a different language, you can change it any time you want. ... More

how to change background color in pdf for printing

If you want to print document backgrounds, you can change this setting. To do so, click Options on the Tools menu. On the Print tab, select the Background colors and images check box. To do so, click Options on the Tools menu. ... More

how to cook a simple turkey

Fantastic recipe. I made this recipe as is, only adding an apple to the cavity of the bird, for Thanksgiving. Everyone loved it. A tip to folks new to cooking a turkey: my bird was 14 pounds so I added a bit of cooking time as appropriate. ... More

after effects how to create a circular mask

This will create a circular mask on your text layer. Rotate your Text layer -90 degrees on X Axis. Twirl down the controls of the Text layer and under Text controls you will see Path Options . ... More

how to draw a cat with colored pencils

Realistic Cat Drawing, Realistic Drawings Of Animals, Cat Eyes Drawing, Black Cat Drawing, Drawing Fur, Black Cat Art, Watercolor Pencils, Watercolor Pencil Art, Drawings In Pencil, Crayons, Charcoal Drawings, Colouring Pencils, Ideas For Drawing, Sad Art, Impressionism, Lion Art, Cat Art ... More

how to make a video call on viber android

13/05/2016 With the excellent Viber app, you can send texts, make calls, and have video chats for free, but there are simpler and more security-focused apps available. ... More

how to become smart guy

How to Become a Successful Physical Therapist. Physical therapists are a special group of people. They encourage patients to do more than they think they can do. ... More

how to become fit for hiking

Want to become part of this Best Hiking Tips blog? Your trail wisdom and experience is most welcome! Photos make it even better. You can: Wrap skirts always fit. I love the freedom of hiking in a skirt. It gives me privacy when I need to step off the trail for a moment. My colorful wrap skirts start some interesting . More. How To Buy Snowshoeing Gear. Snowshoeing gear: it's what's on your ... More

how to add cheats in gta san andreas ios

Hope you guys enjoy the video!! All rights go to their owners Music provided by NCS. Recording device: iPhone 5S (JB) (iOS 8.4) Recording program: RecordMyScreen ... More

how to change administrator in microsoft account

2/01/2018 Hi guys, I have accidentally created an administrator account. It now says my main account isn't an administrator. I would like to know how to change the main account back to administrator and get rid of the new administrator one I just created. ... More

how to draw a hat youtube

I will be giving you a simple lesson on “how to draw a Santa hat step by step”. Let's face it, everybody loves wearing one of these hats tha more. I know for a fact that this next tutorial will be enjoyed and used by many Dragoart members and visitors. I will be giving you a simple lesson on “how to draw a Santa hat step by step”. Let's face it, everybody loves wearing one of these ... More

how to ask for advice politely

how can we ask for adivce politely Imagine you are in business situation and you would like to give advice in a more polite way than just saying: you should or you ought to. How can you make the phrases more polite so you sound more diplomatic and gentle? ... More

how to cook chicken breast on foreman grill

26/01/2008 · the cooking time says 4-6 mins but it takes much longer than that...anybody know the correct cooking time for chicken breasts on a foreman grill ... More

how to download a movie from net

Engineering students have free wifi and they like to use it to download every piece of video you can find on net be it relevant or irrelevant to them. So, coming back to internet download manager aka idm, this is basically a download manager which can capture any media from a webpage be it audio or video. ... More

how to cook veal blade roast

Select the desired cooking method Slow cooker/crock pot. Set the slow cooker on high. Salt and pepper the roast. In a frying pan, heat oil on high and brown the roast, vegetables and garlic. ... More

how to build a ev3 robot

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Building Instructions for Core Set Models . Program Descriptions for Core Set Models. Building Instructions for Robot Educator. Building Instructions for Expansion Set Models. Program Descriptions for Expansion Set Models. Building Instructions for Design Engineering Projects. Building Instructions for Space Challenge Set Models. Building ... More

how to download a video now

Now, it is even easier to download videos from Vimeo and choose your favorite HD and SD quality! Just use one of the three methods below and create your own video collection offline. Just use one of the three methods below and create your own video collection offline. ... More

how to delete yahoo messenger account

15/02/2010 · Best Answer: You cant delete your yahoo answers, yahoo messenger, yahoo 360 or any other yahoo service account individually. If you wish to delete your account, you shall have to delete your full yahoo account. ... More

how to clean grease off cast iron stove grates

Cleaning Cast Iron Cooktop Grates tes On A Gas Range Hunker Stuck-on food, grease and oil spills on a gas stove's cast-iron grates create nasty fumes and smells. These strong, heavy grates benefit from at least a once-a-month cleaning to keep your kitchen odor free while you cook. How To Clean Gas Cooktop Grates And Burners This video from Sears PartsDirect shows how to clean off burned … ... More

how to open a zip file in google drive

Download - Google Drive Main menu ... More

how to add emoticons on instagram samsung

An Emoji keyboard is available in Android 4.2, although it’s somewhat hidden. It allows you to express yourself using various symbols and it’s easy to enable, too. Here’s how to do it. Enable Emoji Keyboard on Android First, go to your Android smartphone or tablet’s Settings menu and tap Language & input, under Personal. Here […] ... More

how to become red hat training partner

Red Hat Training and Certification enables individuals and organizations with the skills needed to implement and innovate using Red Hat technologies. Entitlement Usage Chart Donut chart showing the percentage of entitlements in use. ... More

how to build your own trophy truc

How To Build Your VegTrug How To Build Your Cold Frame How to Build the Mini VegTrug How to Build the VegTrug Poppy How to Build the VegTrug Wall Hugger How to Build the Aluminium VegTrug How To Build Your Herb Planter How To Build Your Liberty Planter Planting the VegTrug VegTrug Infomercial 2015 (French) VegTrug Infomercial 2013 (German ... More

hoi 4 how to create a faction

4 3 minutes read Windows provides you with a preset list of standard screen resolutions for your display based on your graphics card or GPU and monitor hardware. You can easily change the screen resolution of of your display by switching to any of the presets provided by Windows. ... More

how to change main account on windows 10

17/06/2016 · When you install Windows 10 for the first time, the Setup program tries very, very hard to convince you to sign in with a Microsoft account. The option to use a traditional local account is ... More

how to make a simple cosmopolitan drink

Very few cocktails have the ability elicit more scorn in a modern bar than the Cosmopolitan. We take a look at this overly-maligned cocktail and why you should try … ... More

how to delete someones thats like your page

7/09/2010 Hello - just discovered you can only delete somebody's 'like' on your posting by 'blocking' them totally (unfortunately). That would be the last resort, failing asking them to 'unlike'. That would be the last resort, failing asking them to 'unlike'. ... More

how to cook corn for toddler

This is one recipe which i tried it few days back and loved it. The baby corn tasted crispy and since i fried it in a tawa it is healthy. Take baby corn in a bowl, add in salt and water. Cook till tender and cooked. Drain them. Now add in all the masala ingredients in and mix well. Pan fry in little ... More

how to avoid bugs in house

House centipedes typically have 15 legs and can travel 1.3 feet-per-second, which explains why catching one of these bugs is nearly impossible. The typical response to a house centipede probably involves a shoe, but like almost every other bug out there, this particular bug does have a purpose. ... More

how to delete contacts in gmail address book

Its always a good idea to have a fully filled-in contact list attached to your email account. Names, addresses, phone numbers, email accounts, birthdays.then you can chuck those tatty paper address books away. Thats the theory anyway. From the point of view of Gmail though, it is ... More

how to draw launchpad ducktales 2017

Click the Huey, Dewey and Louie are Playing Hockey with Launchpad McQuack coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets). ... More

how to create collage using zoner photo studio 16

19/07/2018 wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. ... More

how to draw a splinter out of foot

5/02/2013 · I once asked my GP where one should go to have a splinter removed from his foot. It didn't seem to warrant bothering the doctor for a splinter. He … ... More

how to delete crashplan account

CrashPlan will show a Restore Status section at the bottom of the window and you may see a Restore Pending message appear. How long CrashPlan takes to prepare your data for restore depends on a number of factors, but primarily it has to do with the quantity of data you choose to restore. ... More

how to clean your fish tank rocks

A fish tank is only a good idea if you have an aquatic turtle. Johnson recommends plastic bins over aquariums, as they’re easier to clean and weigh less than glass aquariums. Johnson recommends plastic bins over aquariums, as they’re easier to clean and weigh less than glass aquariums. ... More

how to use create a bow die

For those of you who have a cutting machine I am also including the SVG file to make these bows. Once you have your bows cut and ready to assemble, you can use the tutorial in this post . Enjoy the bow templates and let me know all the places you will be using them this spring! ~ Lia ... More

how to cook spinach soup chinese style

We, Asian, prefer to have it in soup or stir-fried with minced garlic. I cooked Chinese Spinach with Wolfberries , in addition to minced garlic. I loved the natural sweetness of wolfberry. ... More

how to change commonwealth home bank branch

After I finished paying off my home loan online I was sent forms in the mail to fill out and hand in to my local bank branch. I couldn't make any sense out of forms I … ... More

how to undo write protection on flash drive

16/04/2016 · Remove write protection I have it all running good it's just that I want to use this flash drive for personal things but I can't remove the write protection from it, I've tried multiple tutorials and how to videos with no luck. ... More

how to change windows 10 mouse pointer

This may sound silly, but sometime you just lose the location of the mouse pointer in Windows. Or sometimes during a presentation you want to emphasis on a point. In either situations, a fading circle around the pointer is very useful to find and show the pointer location. To show location of mouse pointer in Windows 10, do as follows: ... More

oriental empires how to build a city

Discover Cheats, Cheat Codes and Tricks for Oriental Empires (PC): Fast Build, God Mode, Money and Food. We have material valid for PC The list of consoles is continuously updated from PC, the date on which Oriental Empires was published. ... More

how to let people build in multiverse spawn

Glad to see another guy who likes Minecraft (and running a server) as much as me. The hardest part about having a server, you probably know by now, is getting it to grow. ... More

how to call saudi arabia from india for free

Many workers from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan travel to Saudi Arabia to seek employment. Over 1 million Indians work in Saudi Arabia where they make up ... More

how to create an identity

Create a new instance of the identity class and initialize it with the name you want it to hold. The following code creates a new GenericIdentity object and initializes it with the name MyUser . Dim MyIdentity As New GenericIdentity("MyUser") ... More

how to add a controller to ds4windows

add a comment 1 Answer If you want to turn it off from DS4, though, I believe there is a button in the UI to disconnect/turn off the controller. You can also check the DS4Windows setting "Disconnect from BT when Stopping", which will immediately disconnect the controller from the OS and turn it off when you press stop. When you want to start DS4Windows again, just press the PS button and ... More

how to draw a window

Liquid window chalk markers or pens are perfect for writing messages and creating art on any glass surface. I have used my liquid chalk pens to paint designs on the inside of store windows for local businesses. Using your pen to adorn a display is a great way to creatively tell a story, decorate for ... More

how to create partition in linux step by step

The Automatic Partitioning screen gives you the following choices: Remove all Linux partitions Removes all Linux partitions, deleting the data on those partitions and creating one or more chunks of free space (page 972) on the disk. ... More

how to clear pimples on my face

28/03/2011 · My skin looked fresh and clear but the 2nd day i found pimples on my face where i had waxed. The pimples got worse by each day , they were really red and horrible! its been a week now and they have at least gone flat but they r still there. Is this an irritation ?? ... More

how to change the email address vividwireless

Mail email address is to register a new one. You can cancel your current account and register for a new Yahoo! Mail account. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it and simply register for a new account. Yahoo! Mail now also offer email addresses with the suffixes of and, in ... More

how to cook lotus rice

Lotus roots are grown in mud and should not be eaten raw because of the potential for parasite transmission. Only the tender root is sliced and eaten raw. The ... More

how to become a geisha

In 2005, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ came out and it was a movie that stole the country’s heart away, myself included. Back then my world traveling dreams was only a far away dream. ... More

how to add accounts on instagram on pc

31/12/2018 · Computer Security News, Advice and Research . Free Trials; Free Tools and you’ll be asked if you want to add the token attached to your Instagram … ... More

how to draw anders dragon age

BioWare has pretty much confirmed that Anders, the mage that is part of the player party in the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: Origins, will be one of the first characters that Hawke will ... More

how to delete hidden in zbrush

Make sure to save file first and delete object history beforehand to prevent boolean errors. Find this Pin and more on Zbrush tutorials by Edward. ... More

how to build a thick back

A thick neck also gives the appearance of a muscular physique should you want to draw attention away from small legs. Neck exercises should be done on the same day as your back and abdominal workout because the largest muscle of your neck is also your upper back muscle, the trapezius. ... More

how to add minecraft to amd radeon settings

To run Minecraft on high graphics settings your PC will require at least a 0MB GeForce 8600 GS / Radeon HD 6320 with a Pentium 4 3.0GHz or Athlon XP 2600+ CPU. 1 … ... More

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how to add to calendar entries google

14/08/2011 · (The duplicates do not appear in my PC Google Calendar. Only in my iPhone Google Calendar.) Interestingly, the default “background” color of the calendar entries made from my iPhone Google Calendar (light blue) is different from the default “background” color of those entries made from my PC Google Calendar (light green).

how to clean sterling silver cutlery

Sterling Silver is an alloy comprising 92.5% pure Silver with 7.5% other metals, usually copper Cutlery Sterling Silver Cutlery: Sterling Silver cutlery these days is almost a rareity outside of some of the fine establishments of the gentry and the wealthy or in the upmarket antique stores.

how to draw a face side profile

Girls Face Profile Drawing Picture Collection How To Draw A Face Side Profile - Millions photo, Girls Face Profile Drawing Picture Collection How To Draw A Face Side Profile - Millions image, Girls Face Profile Drawing Picture Collection How To Draw A Face Side Profile - Millions gallery . Skip to content. DRAWING ART IDEAS. Face Drawing, Pencil Drawing, Water Color Drawing and

how to connect joystick to pc

The Key pin is connected to ground, when the joystick is pressed down, and is floating otherwise. To get stable readings from the Key /Select pin, it needs to be connected to Vcc via a pull-up resistor. The built in resistors on the Arduino digital pins can be used. For a tutorial on how to activate the pull-up resistors for Arduino pins, configured as inputs,

how to change the currency on fortnite

8/12/2018 Can some one tell me how to change the currency in the store. I have been trying to change the currency, but it looks like the is no way to change it.

how to download netflix on mac without wifi

Windows users can download a free, portable program called Wireless Network Watcher (scroll down to the Zip download link below "Feedback" to get it), and Mac users can download a free, slightly

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